Courses offered at SOM

Christian families have an important role to play in communities. As you learn your role and importance in your family, it will be easy for your family to play its role in your community. 

As servant leaders it’s important to know who you are, what you possess (talents, gifts, skills, passions etc) in order for you to influence your career of choice.

It’s also very important to evaluate your relationships and realise the impact relationships have on an individual.

Learn how to choose our professions and relationships wisely as they determine the outcome of our lives. Our present choices determine our future success.

Prayer is communication with God, that I a way to contact God. However it’s important to note that prayer is not a monologue, but it’s a dialogue.

The beauty of prayer is hearing what God has to say.

Learn different types of prayers and how to make them effective. Remember, a leader is as strong as his prayer life.


Learn how to increase your influence and maintain it by developing a personal leadership style.

God intended for Africa to develop just as other continents have. Explore and understand what went wrong, and how as servant leaders you can contribute in developing our continent.

What is Christian Character? What characteristics form part of being a Christian?

Is it possible to do good, not in obedience to God?

Can one distinguish between right and wrong without thinking about God?

Can you smile in serious pain? Can you smile at someone you hate?

Can you cry while extremely overjoyed? Can you hurt someone you love?

These are all questions that will be unpacked, discussed and evaluated.

Learn more about Christ like character and try to reproduce the dame in our personal lives. Character is the foundation of a lasting success.

Learn more about Christ like character and try to reproduce the same in our personal lives. Character is the foundation of a lasting success.

Learn the principles of good money management, how to differentiate your needs (necessity) from your wants (options) and learn what the bible has to say about your money.

Entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business or businesses (that either sell a product or provide a service), taking on financial risks in the hope of a profit.

It’s important to know the fundamental basics of building something… from an idea in your notebook to actually bringing your plans to reality.

Learn about basics business principles and innovation to pursuit an economic success in our personal lives.

In short, a network is accomplished when a group of people exchange (give and take) information, contacts for professional and/ or personal purpose.

Question is do you

Discover your purpose, know your personality and align yourself with the right people, be at the right place, at the right time for the right reason. It is the key to live a fulfilled and fruitful life

In short, this course provides a Bird’ Eye View of the bible. This is very helpful as with this view and background, your understanding will be enlightened as you study the details in stories, culture, meanings etc. of the bible.